NFL schedule

2020 NFL Regular Season Schedule

DateTimeTeam & Location
9/13/2012:00 pmGreen Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings
3:25 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints
9/20/2012:00 pm Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts
9/27/2012:00 pm Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons
3:25 pmTampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos
10/4/2012:00 pm Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans
10/8/207:00 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears (TNF)
10/11/2012:00 pm Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons
10/15/207:00 pm Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills (TNF)
10/18/2012:00 pm Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings
3:25 pmGreen Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10/22/207:00 pm New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles(TNF)
10/25/2012:00 pm Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans
10/29/207:00 pm Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers (TNF)
11/1/2012:00 pm Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
3:25 pmNew Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
11/5/207:00 pm Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers (TNF)
11/8/2012:00 pm Carolina Panthers @ Kansas City Chiefs
11/12/207:00 pm Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans (TNF)
11/15/2012:00 pm Jacksonville Jaguars @ Green Bay Packers
3:25 pm San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints
11/19/207:00 pm Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (TNF)
11/22/2012:00 pm Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts
3:25 pmDallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings
11/26/203:00 pmWashington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving)
11/29/2012:00 pm Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings
12/3/207:00 pm Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens (TNF)
12/6/2012:00 pm Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears
12/10/207:00 pm New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams (TNF)
12/13/2012:00 pmMinnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3:25 pmNew Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles
12/17/207:00 pmLos Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders (TNF)
12/20/2012:00 pm Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings
12/20/203:30 pm Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints (Christmas Day)
12/27/2012:00 pm Atlanta Falcons @ Kansas City Chiefs
3:25 pm Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
1/3/2112:00 pm Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions
3:25 pm Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers
Sunday games will feature teams from the NFC while the Thursday games will include other teams throughout the NFL.

NFC Post Season Playoff Schedule

DateTimeTeam & Location
1/10/217:00 pmTBD @ TBD (NFL Wild Card Game)
1/16/217:00 pmTBD @ TBD (NFC Divisional Game #1)
1/17/213:30 pmTBD @ TBD (NFC Divisional Game #2)
1/24/212:00 pmTBD @ TBD (NFC Championship)
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